Weekly 7: September 27

by Jackie D on September 27, 2015

brooklyn bedroom

  1. I may or may not just have purchased a few enamel pins for reasons I can’t entirely explain.
  2. Nancy Meyers (writer/director of movies It’s Complicated, What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give, etc) is everywhere lately (a popular Instagrammer was doing a tour of the USA based on locations of her movies; NPR interviewed her about The Intern; the popular blog A Cup of Jo snagged a chat with her) and I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with the woman. Also, remember how great What Women Want is?
  3. I sort of owned the fall/winter boot game this year — four pairs, $60 total, game over — but now my mission is to waterproof them. To be continued.
  4. I was raised Catholic but don’t consider myself to be one anymore, but man, I am really obsessed with this Pope. So are a lot of people, including this delightful human who put together a photo montage of the Pope getting caught in a couple windstorms.
  5. I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed due to a back injury, and to cheer myself up I’ve been re-watching one of the shows that can always make me laugh: Parks & Rec. “Parks and Recreation is criminally underrated as one of the best ensembles on TV. They figured out how to make comedy out of people who like things, as opposed to the usual sitcom where it’s just people being awful to each other. Turns out passion can heighten things in the same way that conflict does. And that delights me.” – Tim Carvell, head writer for The Daily Show, 2013
  6. I’m gearing up for my first bachelorette party next weekend. I’m heading to Milwaukee to drink all the beer and decadent Bloody Mary’s with one of my oldest childhood friends. Oh Milwaukee, I have missed you and your cheese.
  7. You have seen nothing until you’ve seen this video of a woman practicing self-defense maneuvers in 1947. This woman could kill all of us (while wearing heels, no less) and honestly we’d probably all deserve it because we could never live up to her level of badassery.
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zip lining catalina 6You know you’re about to have either a really fantastic time or a really terrifying time when the guide for the activity you’re about to attempt says to you: “So, what you’re going to do is: just step out aggressively into nothing.”

Apparently if you step too “delicately” or hesitantly off the zip lining platform, you run the risk of giving yourself whiplash or falling back a little and hitting the platform. So really, you do literally have to just step out aggressively and confidently into thin air in order to get yourself going.

You’re harnessed in, obviously. And we weren’t up that high on the course in Catalina. And the zip lining itself only lasts for a matter of seconds before you’re on safe ground again. And I figured if I had survived volcano boarding in Nicaragua then zip lining probably didn’t pose much of a threat to my health. But still. The thought of just jumping out into thin air, harness or not, has never really brought me much comfort.zip lining catalina 3My mom suggested that our whole family (me, my sister, my dad, and her) try zip lining during the one-day excursion to Catalina that we’d had planned. I was the person most likely to disagree with this suggestion because, as a rule, I am generally terrified of everything, but zip lining actually seemed like fun to me because like I said, you aren’t that high off the ground and you’re completely strapped into a harness. So we went for it. (And as you can see in the above photo I wore a dress for the occasion, because, well, because.)

My mom went first (in contrast to me, she is generally afraid of nothing), and then my sister went, and then my dad, leaving me on the platform with the rest of our small group (thanks guys!). As our guide was harnessing me in, I told him I was really nervous.

“Oh, are you scared of heights?” he asked.

“No, I’m scared of dying,” I told him, and the two young kids who were in line behind me suddenly looked really afraid, as though they’d never really considered dying until right then. I am a very comforting presence to children, clearly.zip lining catalina 2But guys: it was so much fun! When you step off the platform, you don’t feel a drop in your stomach or whiplash in your neck (unless you choose to step off un-aggressively). It was a beautiful day and we had views over the water as we were in the air, and our two guides — two young guys in their early 20s — kept us entertained with jokes and stories about living on the island.

Apparently Catalina Island is one of the only zip lining courses in the world (if not THE only one) where the brake system is automatic. Apparently on other zip lines in Costa Rica and elsewhere, you have to actually put the brakes on yourself, to make yourself stop. Scary? I appreciate that California doesn’t trust people enough to accomplish this on their own and therefore put laws in place to make these brakes mandatory. You know us well, California.

I got to practice my photography a little and managed to get several good shots of the family. It was so nice to be outside and exercising some muscles that I don’t get to use sitting at a desk or on the train all day (although I might have actually given myself slight whiplash), and it was great to finally explore a part of Southern California that I’d never seen before (more photos of Catalina Island to come!)zip lining catalina 4zip lining catalina 112026688_10103905653016873_1893361810_nzip lining catalina 5Thanks Mom for the great idea! And sorry to those kids for mentioning death.

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Weekly 7: September 20

by Jackie D on September 20, 2015

Grand Central Station lip couch1. So I just discovered this giant lips couch hidden away in Grand Central Station. Not telling where it is. Also a woman definitely walked in on me taking this photo, paused, and then was like, “Good idea, I’m going to get a photo of that too.”

2. Right now I’m reading one of my favorite series: the Hannah Wolfe mysteries. I read the first one, Fatlands, in a detective lit class in college and was immediately obsessed. It’s basically a feminist mystery series with all sorts of literary and art references, and it’s also British. It’s everything.

3. “Send us something else! Just because THIS piece wasn’t right for us doesn’t mean a future idea of yours won’t be, either. A rejection isn’t a reflection of your worth as an artist/thinker/human being. This is true of getting a rejection from any publication. KEEP AT IT, you champions.” From Rookie submission guidelines. This is how all submission guidelines should read, always.

4. I’ve been home a lot the past week and a half because my back and shoulders have been giving me a lot of trouble. The only thing the doctor could tell is that I’m carrying too many heavy things on my commute everyday, and then sitting in the same position at a computer for 8 hours, which doesn’t help. As I’m typing this up at home, I’m standing and doing a stretch between every number.

5. I’ve been trying to practice my photography a bit lately and I really like this advice given by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, who is completely self-taught.

6. I’m obsessed with this airplane window art. It’s the kind of thing that seems so obvious that when you see it you’re like, “Why couldn’t I have thought of that and be rich by now?”

7. Sex and the City is on Amazon Prime Instant Video? Bye forever.

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