Snapshots From MOMA

by Jackie D on May 19, 2015

moma new yorkI feel like so many of my travel stories have involved art museums in some way.

On my first solo trip in Europe, I planned my itinerary around art museums alone: I wanted to see the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, the new Magritte Museum that had just opened in Brussels, and the Leopold Museum and Natural History Museum in Vienna. You can maybe see why I couldn’t convince anyone to come along with me — don’t I sound like I was so fun and wild?

moma new york
On a family trip through Italy, I broke off from the tour group for an afternoon in Venice and got very lost finding my way to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum (which ended up being awesome once I actually found it, highly recommend). It was also one of the hottest days I had ever experienced, even to this day. I was sweating so much that I literally had to stop and take breaks in the shade with 1 euro scoops of gelato along the way — a more delicious solution than pouring bottled water over my head, as many other tourists were doing.

moma new york
I studied art on the French Riviera for a summer and my memories of that place are so tied up in all of the beautiful museums and art we saw during those two months — the seaside castle that housed a Picasso museum, the bright pink mansion built by an art-loving socialite, Matisse’s tiny chapel — totally designed and painted by the artist — on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Just art museums and pretty views, French food at midnight, afternoon parties on the beach, losing my shoe in the ocean, more art museums and pretty views, all day, every day, for two months.

moma new yorkIn Faro, Portugal, I made a new friend in the hostel — she overhead me asking the owner for directions to an art museum in the middle of town and she asked if she could tag along (she was also an art history nerd). We strolled through the museum courtyard together on that sunny afternoon, swapping stories about art history classes and plans for all the European art museums we each still wanted to visit. Our conversation lasted well into the evening, well into a couple hours of sangria by the beach, and through a few scattered emails for months after that.

moma new yorkI am so lucky to have seen in person so much of the European art that I have grown up loving. Even though I’ve really toned it down with the art museum visits in the past couple of years, I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I step inside one.

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Weekly 7: May 17

by Jackie D on May 17, 2015

brooklyn botanical garden

1. So I recently found my Twitter hero. Everything this woman says or retweets is on point. Sample tweets:




2. Blonde Jackie has decided that she is super into gin cocktails this spring. Brunette Jackie has no idea where she got this idea but wants to be supportive, so, Blonde Jackie, knock yourself out with these mango fizz cocktails from DesignLoveFest.

3. So it turns out that Vogue is run by geniuses because they used cats in one of their latest ad campaign for new shoes.

4. Benefit’s Bold is Beautiful campaign is happening this May! This month, every dollar earned from brow waxing services will be donated to a charity supporting women (full list here). I love the Benefit Brow Bar (it’s essentially girl heaven) and I think this is a very cool move on their part.

5. I read The Goldfinch several months ago and loved it; it was my first Donna Tartt book. Last week I finished the The Secret History super fast even though it was over 500 pages — so good. It’s sort of what I wish all those Charles Dickens books that I had to read for school had been like: it’s a coming of age story but has mystery and murder and cults and humor and pretentious Greek references and attractive nerdy men. It’s the best.

6. Spring is finally a thing in New York. This whole week it was 70 degrees. Everyone was walking around in a happy haze, mentally high-fiving each other. The above photo is from an afternoon frolicking at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

7. I’m on the lookout for a cute backpack for my commute, if anyone has any suggestions. I currently carry a bag on my right shoulder and it’s getting to the point where I think I may have done permanent damage to my shoulder/neck. Backpacks make me nervous (I don’t like that I can’t see what’s going on back there) however I guess I need to be an adult and start treating my back with respect. Annoying.

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The Next Three Adventures

by Jackie D on May 14, 2015

villa ephrussi de rothschild

There are weeks when you buy three sets of plane tickets almost at once. Anyone else get that? If it’s any consolation to you, I’ll be eating nothing but ramen and blind optimism until further notice.

I’m excited that I finally have some travel news to share here — I think I have still been in recovery since my whirlwind trip through Europe in January. It’s weird and unlike me that I haven’t booked a plane ticket in over three months. It’s also kind of weird and unlike me to book three trips all at once. Jackie travels?

These three trips are very different:

4th of July weekend: Los Angeles! A trip home! Until I booked this ticket, it was the first time in my entire life that I had no set date to be back in Los Angeles in the near future. It was really weirding me out. I have a few new places I want to explore in Los Angeles this time around and I’m so excited to see my friends, family, and cat again. Never has a human ever missed a cat this much.

July: France! France France France. I am jumping up and down in my seat as I type this. This is sort of a work trip in a way — I get travel benefits by working in the travel industry, so technically this is a leisure trip that I don’t have to pay very much for because of those benefits, but also I will probably end up doing some work while I’m there because I can’t help myself.

I’ll write a longer post about my plans later, but the general itinerary is: Paris, then down to southwestern France to see some prehistoric cave paintings and frolic through lavender fields in Provence. The cave paintings part sounds kind of boring now that I’ve typed it out, but guys, you have no idea how hard I am nerding out about this right now. Side effect of all those Art History classes.

December: Miami! I’ve never been to Miami and I chose December for this weekend escape because a.) this winter just ended but I am already dreading next winter, b.) I have enough airline miles to cover this flight, and c.) Art Basel! I plan to collect a lot of art when I am rich someday, so I’ve decided to snoop around Art Basel to see other collectors in their natural habitat. Miami looks really art-deco-tastic and I’ve already been stalking Pinterest for the three P’s: pools, patios, & pina coladas.

I think that “Money can’t buy happiness” is probably one of the most cliched phrases of all time, but I do believe it to a certain extent. Money certainly can’t buy me enough donuts to satisfy the eternal craving I have for them — there is no sum of money in the world great enough for all of those donuts — but I do think money can buy you happiness sometimes, if you use it right. Whether that’s 89 cents for a fresh donut or $500 for a plane ticket, it can do something for you, once in a while, when non-monetary things just won’t.

And now that I have trips to these sunny places on the calendar, the next form of happiness I will be purchasing is a really cute bathing suit — like three paychecks from now.

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