A Weekend in Miami Beach

by Jackie D on December 16, 2015

miami beachLast Friday, I woke up at 3:45am to escape New York for a weekend of sun and relaxation in Miami (it was also the first vacation day I’ve taken since July! #JackieWorks) My flight was at 5:40am, and if you can handle getting up that early and sleeping for the 3 hour trip, I think it’s hugely worth it. I arrived in Miami around 8:45am and got to my hotel by 9:30, just as the rest of Miami was beginning to wake up, and I was rested from my airplane power nap and still had the entire day ahead of me.

And what a fabulous and weird day it turned out to be! As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I went straight for breakfast at the beautiful hotel restaurant, which was located right on the dock. It was 70 and sunny, they had excellent coffee, and I managed to write a blog post and answer a couple emails while I was sitting there enjoying the quiet and the stunning view.Miami beach I then read by the pool for about two hours – the pool, like the restaurant, looked out over the water, and was basically designed for Instagram I think.

At that point my room was ready, so I dropped off my bags, changed, and took the 30 minute walk over to the beach so that I could see the Art Deco hotels on Collins Avenue, the bikini-clad people (women and men and children and a few dogs, no bikinis left behind), the man cutting coconuts down from the trees, the Christmas lights strung up on palm trees, the famous crazy lighthouses I’ve been wanting to see for a while, and just generally the fun, playful, somewhat campy atmosphere that Miami is so well-known for.miami beachmiami beachmiami beachAnd Miami did not disappoint. My friend and long lost roommate Becca (she left me in August for a job in Palm Beach, Florida and won’t be back until January or February, which has left a massive BFF-shaped hole in my heart) was able to drive over on Saturday to hang out by the pool with me, which is what we did for most of Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday night we took a break from pool-heaven to explore the craziness of Ocean Avenue at night (it’s where all of the crazy clubs and restaurants are along the beach) and we were talked into ordering two giant margaritas that were literally larger than our faces, because Miami (Becca is kindly modeling one of the margaritas below).miami beachmiami beachmiami beachmiami beachThe sugar coma that followed this event forced us to retreat back to the hotel rather early, where we proceeded to purchase one of our favorite movies from the 90s on iTunes* and watch it until we fell asleep, because clearly we are aging gracefully.

It was exactly the weekend I wanted: an escape from the beginnings of winter in New York, and a weekend where my biggest worry was which pool chair was going to give me the best view of the water.

*Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Still perfect.


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