Books: Shopgirl, Steve Martin

“That night, he calls a restaurant that delivers and he orders an appropriate meal for a fifty-year-old. This is easier in L.A. than in Seattle, as most take-out food in any part of the country involves fat and cholesterol. In L.A., however, it’s a snap to order a low-fat veggie burger, or sushi, delivered right to your door no matter how complicated the route to your house.

“In Los Angeles you can live in the tiniest apartment in the tiniest cul de sac with a 1/4 in your address and twenty minutes after placing an order a foreigner will knock on your door bearing yam fries and meatless meatloaf. And if Ray’s solitary dinner at home were broadcast on satellite, the world would learn that millionaires, too, eat their dinners out of a white paper bag while standing in the kitchen.

“Even Mirabelle knows not to do that, as the self-prepared dinner is a great time killer for lonely people, and as much time should be spent on it as possible.”


*old photos of Los Angeles, from here