First Paris Visitors!

Jackie DesForges blogOne of the first pieces of advice I received from a fellow expat friend before I moved to Paris: get ready for the visitors.

One of the first things people would say when I told them I was moving to Paris: I’M GOING TO VISIT YOU!

It only took three months for the first visitors to arrive: my mom and sister. My sister had some time to kill before starting a new job, and my mom is not one to turn down a trip to one of the world’s foremost shopping destinations, and so about a week ago we found ourselves curled up in my adorable little apartment for about a week this month.

Jackie DesForges blog IMG_9017I showed them what the famous Paris “soldes” are (shopping is something we all love equally) and they learned how to shower the French way: with a handheld wand rather than overhead faucet*. It was my sister’s first trip here ever, so we took her to the Eiffel Tower, up to the top of the Arc de Triumph, along the Seine to the Petit Palais, into the stunning Saint Chappelle, and onboard one of those famous sightseeing cruises. She wandered through the Louvre on her own, and she and my mom took a stroll through Montmartre and discovered some cute shops and possibly the world’s best crepe spot in my neighborhood. Also they ran a half marathon because they are insane.

Jackie DesForges blog IMG_8976They brought me treasures, so many treasures, from home: Girl Scout Cookies (!), Ann Rule books (!!), and NyQuil (!!!), all of which are now my prized possessions. I will not share these with any of you, don’t ask. They also brought me a few things I hadn’t had room for in my suitcase during the move over here, including tax documents, yay.

Jackie DesForges blog 17006291_10105299074029993_1609648061_n Jackie DesForges blogI have about 34934 other people who have promised/threatened to visit me in the next several months, and it will be interesting to see a.) who follows through, and b.) how many people my tiny French apartment can hold at once.

* I bet a lot of you thought I was going to say “rarely” as an answer to how to shower the French way, right? Well, clearly I’m nicer than you.