French Lessons: Talk Like a Computer

by Jackie D on March 31, 2017

We can’t figure out how to change the language of my work computer from French into English. We went into the control panel and updated the language settings there… but nothing happened. The computer decided to stay in French even though we’ve switched it to English.

Perhaps it’s my computer’s attitude that I need to change, rather than the language?

In any case, I think it’s actually a good thing. I’ve been learning important computer terms like copier (copy), coller (paste), supprimer (delete), brouillon (draft), rogner (crop), Powerpoint (Powerpoint with a French accent), raccourci (shortcut), and so on.

One week during my French lesson, I told my teacher that I was trying to take a raccourci on my way home the other day. She looked at me like, “You know the word for shortcut and yet you can’t tell someone that the year is currently 2017?” 

I’ve tried to use some of these other words in real life and have continued to receive some bewildering looks. I imagine that I must sound somewhat like a robot when I speak. I wonder if this is more or less offensive than sounding like an American?


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