Job Perks: A Swiss Weekend (Mt Rigi, Gstaad, Glacier 3000)

by Jackie D on March 29, 2017

Glacier3000Someone recently asked me why I didn’t decide to call these job-related posts Work Perks instead of Job Perks. The answer? Of all the terrible dad-jokes and unnecessary rhymes that have ever crossed my mind, somehow this one never did. Also, never a good idea to encourage me to propagate dad jokes — this could easily spiral out of hand.

Anyway, my most recent job perk is the weekend trip I took to Switzerland to film some social media content. Here are a few brief glimpses — I’m saving my longer recaps for the videos/posts I have to put together for work because, you know, that’s the part I’m getting paid for.

IMG_9107Glacier3000Despite the fact that mountains and heights tend to scare me, the whole Glacier3000 experience was my favorite part of the trip. We took a cable car up to the Glacier3000 area, where there is skiing, a peak walk on a suspension bridge, dog sledding, Europe’s highest bobsled coaster (in the summer), two restaurants, and, because it’s Switzerland, a watch shop. I rode a ski lift for the first time (!) and walked across that suspension bridge even though every part of me was screaming NOPE the entire time.

GstaadGstaad was basically a fairytale town. And yes, you are correct: the driver of this horse-drawn carriage ride is, in fact, a dog.

Mount Rigi hotelOn Mount Rigi, which is just outside of Lucerne, we stayed in a hotel on top of the mountain. The hotel is known for its wellness activities and spa, and since the weather was so bad, we got to enjoy the spa for ourselves! (The good weather option for this day had been a hike, so needless to say, I embraced the bad weather wholeheartedly).

GoldenPass Line GoldenPass LineI rode a few trains on this trip, my favorite being the scenic GoldenPass Line. I’ve ridden it twice before, and it never gets old.

Next work trip: Amsterdam to see Keukenhof Garden!

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