Job Perks: Sex And the City Tour

sex and the city tour
So I’m basically a TV show fangirl, and one of my favorite shows is Sex and the City. Another of my favorite shows is Breaking Bad, and another is The X-Files — I’m telling you this so that you can appreciate the variety and sophistication of my taste in television before we continue with this post.

With that settled, let’s talk about the tour. It was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, and I was accompanied by one of my dear friends from college (and fellow SATC expert). My favorite part of the tour was learning so many fun facts about the different neighborhoods of New York City (especially since I still haven’t lived here that long and still have so much to learn. Basically soaking up all of the NYC trivia I can get at this point).

I’m going to give you a sampling of some of these facts, but I don’t want to give away all of the tour’s secrets so I’ll just start with 7. The tour is about 3.5 hours long, so you can imagine how much more delicious NYC and SATC trivia comes along with it (speaking of delicious: cupcakes and cosmopolitans also make an appearance).
sex and the city tour7. Friends, Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, Don’t Trust the B**** In Apartment 23 — all of these were set in NYC, but none were actually filmed here (the tour guides can name even more shows — Staci, my tour guide, rattled off at least a dozen). Sex and the City was unique in that it was actually filmed on the streets of New York. Since I’ve learned this I’ve been closely examining anything I watch that’s set in New York to see if I can tell the difference. Getting pretty good at it.

*Fun fact: Law & Order SVU is also filmed on the streets of New York, because obviously Mariska Hargitay can do no wrong. In Mariska we trust.

6. The brown street signs in Greenwich Village signify that a particular street is historically significant and therefore protected from development. That’s why everything in Greenwich Village is made of brick, isn’t very tall, and looks adorable.
nyc2 (1 of 1)-25. Bergdorf Goodman in NYC is the only Bergdorf Goodman in the world. Somehow this really really impressed me, even though when you think about it, it’s normal to have things that are the only one in the world: The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the World’s Largest Bottle of Ketchup (Collinsville, Illinois). Some of the sales associates at this department store have been working there so long and make so many sales that they make six figures a year in commission alone. Why isn’t there a Devil Wears Prada-esque movie about this yet? Meryl?

4. Diane von Furstenburg lives above her store in the Meatpacking District. Diane von Furstenburg: I have found you.

3. So you know how you can buy a strap-on? You can also buy other parts of male anatomy to, you know, attach places. The Pleasure Chest has an excellent array of options if that’s your thing or if you want to start your Christmas shopping. (It’s also where you can find the infamous “Rabbit” vibrator. Merry Christmas to us all!)
sex and the city tour2. I’m really good at SATC trivia. I answered one of the hardest questions at the end of the tour and everyone was really impressed (I assume). I could also quote every scene they played on the little TVs inside the bus as we were driving from location to location.

1. The tour gives an excellent overview of some of NYC’s most popular and photogenic neighborhoods — Greenwich Village, SoHo, and the Meatpacking District, for starters. The city really is the star of this show and you have to admit — whether or not you love Carrie Bradshaw — it’s difficult not to get caught up in the passion she feels for the city, the coziness of her little apartment that she would in no way be able to realistically afford, and all of those “perfect New York nights” you can imagine yourself having with your girlfriends.

You can find out more about the Sex and the City tour here. Thanks to On Locations for the complimentary tour & delicious cupcake, and thanks to my friend Caroline for the recommendation!