Job Perks: Tickets to a Baseball Game

mets citifield

This weekend I went to my first baseball game in about 5 years. I LOVE baseball games despite the fact that I don’t actually follow any particular team religiously. For me the fun comes from sitting out in the bleachers on a nice day, drinking overpriced but ice cold beer, eating one or two or seven hot dogs, watching people look ridiculous when they realize they are on the stadium’s screen, trying to catch and/or run away from a foul ball, and watching everyone’s excitement when one of the teams makes a really good play. I guess maybe I am a sports games fan rather than a sports fan. I just really love games.

I went with a couple of my good friends from college, and it was great to catch up with our cold beers and this Mets fan we forced to take a photo with us despite the fact that one of us was wearing SF Giants gear and my phone (the one being used for this photo) has a California case on it…

mets game

The best part? I was given credit to try out a site called ScoreBig to get my tickets for the game, and I had enough credit left to snag a ticket for my roommate/ one of my best friends. My other friends were lucky to get some tickets from a coworker, which means that we all had more money leftover to spend on our $12 Coronas.

I am just starting to take advantage of the “perks” of being a blogger, which means that I will be trying out a few new experiences/attractions in the coming months and sharing my reviews (and some discount codes, and hopefully a giveaway or two), and one of the best parts about this (besides having fun things to try [and eating baseball stadium hot dogs. Oh, the hot dogs.]) is that I usually get to bring a friend along to try these things out too. It’s a nice feeling to enjoy a job perk, but an even nicer one to spread the perk love to my friends.

I’ll still be paying for all of my plane tickets, hotel rooms, and mojitos, but I will be incorporating discounted events or activities into my daily life and travels, because it’s about time I start to enjoy more of the benefits of being a blogger.

citifield mets

As I mentioned, for this game I acquired my tickets from, a site that offers tickets for sports games, concerts, and sightseeing activities. Basically, you bid on the ticket you want to purchase, and once you submit your bid you find out automatically if it was accepted or not. I bid $20 on tickets that were actually around $50 each, because I am apparently really awesome at bidding. It also probably has something to do with the fact that you are guaranteed to save up to 60% off each ticket you bid on, but still… I choose to believe I am just really good at bidding. There are also no fees and shipping is free (and actually I was able to download and print out my tickets, no shipping required). You can follow ScoreBig on Facebook here and on Twitter here, and you can visit their site here