Snapshots from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

by Jackie D on August 25, 2014

metropolitan museum of art
I never thought I’d say this about an art museum, particularly one as distinguished as this, but the Met wasn’t really at the top of my list when I moved to New York. It’s not that I didn’t want to visit – I think mostly it’s the fact that I still don’t really feel like I am in New York City, and so a lot of the big sights haven’t really been on my radar.

Also, there’s been that whole moving across the country and getting used to a new job thing to deal with.

I stopped by on a Sunday to kill some time while I was waiting for the library to open. I saw that there was an exhibit of Garry Winogrand’s photography showing at the Met and I recalled that my former boss (at the photography studio) had told me that Winogrand was his favorite photographer.

Winogrand is known for his New York street photography from the 50s and 60s, and I think my favorite photos are the ones where the subject has caught him taking his or her picture and he or she gives him the stink eye. It’s the best.

There’s also this photo of a woman laughing that I think is truly the greatest thing I have ever seen.

I’ll be visiting the Met again and again I’m sure, as it technically doesn’t cost anything (there is a suggested donation), and I probably only saw about a sixteenth of it, if even that. In the meantime I’m going to build a shrine  to that photo of that woman laughing and just worship it until someone tells me to stop.metropolitan museum of art nyc

met museum nyc
met museum nyc
met museum ny


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