Snapshots from a Business Trip in Canada

by Jackie D on November 23, 2014

10818908_10103143371999143_1741040674_nI’ve mentioned before that I think business travel is pretty strange – the ultimate work hard/play hard balance – and this month I got another dose of it. I traveled with my company to Montreal and Toronto for two events we were hosting and it was a whirlwind trip: I was in Montreal for about 24 hours, in Toronto for a little less than 48.

There were glamorous parts — experiencing literally the best meal of my life at a restaurant called Byblos in Toronto, speaking to a room full of journalists from super important publications (and handing them my business cards. So legit right now, guys) — but there were also unglamorous parts, mostly the fact that I got almost zero sleep and spent any free moment trying to keep up with answering e-mails and managing all of my usual day to day work tasks.

I imagine that this is pretty much just the usual drill with business trips.
10807794_10103143371979183_595652370_nAs far as my free time in each city went — I tried to make the most of it. I’d already traveled to Toronto for TBEX in May 2013, so I didn’t make much of an effort to see the city again this time around since I had so little time there (I went on a work e-mail marathon though – Canada is so generous with its free WiFi) but this was my first time in Montreal and I wanted to see at least a little bit of the city.

Our event in Montreal began at 8:30am (I was there at 7:00am to help prep), lasted until about 10:30, then I answered e-mails and did a bit of work until 11:45, then caught a cab to the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, then literally just ran around as much as I could until we had to leave for the airport at 1:30. I also got to meet a fellow blogger in real life — Marie-Eve is lovely and her Instagram feed is pretty much just a winter wonderland of Montreal right now.

(It’s also worth noting that when my coworker asked the hotel concierges what she should see with her one hour of free time, they suggested the church where Celine Dion got married. They didn’t even skip a beat. I think I have found my people.)

Montreal is so beautiful (from the little I managed to see) and the people are so sassy and so kind, which is exactly my style of people. Also, Celine Dion. I really want to visit again.
10822330_10103143372034073_1670985169_nIn Toronto I met up with a blogging friend, Sarah, for two hours of beer, poutine, and all of the friendship. Sarah and I have been Internet friends for several years and this was the first time we got to meet in real life! From the moment she leapt (literally leapt, it was pretty athletic) into the bar and we said hello in person for the first time (cracking up as we did so), I was so comforted by how much it felt like we were meeting up for the 10th or 20th or 100th time.

Since my return to New York Sarah and I have been texting each other photos of particularly strange finds on Tinder, so – needless to say, this friendship (and, I guess, our love lives) are progressing right on track.

(PS: since I’ve started these “Snapshots” post, literally every single time I accidentally type “Snapchats from..” instead of “snapshots.” Social media is winning this fight.)
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