Snapshots From a Weekend in Paris

Eiffel Tower ParisTo make it short: I am obsessed with Paris. It’s the first foreign city I ever visited and the one I’ve returned to most often, out of anywhere I’ve ever traveled.  I’ve probably only spent about a month there in total, but whenever I go back, even if it’s just for a long layover, the city feels so familiar and so warm to me. I feel more at home there than I do after a year in New York, more than I ever felt during my two years in Chicago.

On this trip back, I wanted to relax. I definitely had an agenda of things I wanted to see and do — but if I missed something on that list, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I am happy to report that I did in fact check off everything on that list, plus a few delightful extras: I finally made it to Monoprix (France’s version of Target, sort of, except better because it’s French and they have weirder things in the grocery section), I found the colorful Rue Cremieux, with its pastel colored houses and cats sleeping in the windows…Rue Cremieux ParisRue Cremieux Paris

…I made it to a few thrift shops and found a couple of 1 euro silk scarves to add to my collection, I found a cafe that served actual cups of normal-sized coffee in normal-sized mugs (tiny espresso cups are one of the only things that France and I continually argue about), I rode a bike for the first time in at least 5 or so years, I had pain au chocolat every single day, I treated myself to a couple fancy cocktails and a nice breakfast…Rue CremieuxParis SeineGaleries Lafayette…I had a lovely afternoon shopping at Galeries Lafayette and Shakespeare & Co and the thrift shops in the Marais, I met up with two blogging friends — Audrey and Sam — for all the Chinese food we could eat, I woke up early and went up to Sacre Coeur in the morning before all the tourists were awake…Sacre Coeur ParisParis windowsParis streets… I walked around for hours taking pictures and stumbled across a quiet flea market (and even got a few photos of the famous monuments from afar, away from the crowds of tourists — can you tell that avoiding tourists was a major theme here?), I saw Paris Plages happening along the Seine (and beach volleyball in front of City Hall!)…Notre Dame ParisParis Plages beach volleyballShakespeare and Co Paris…I took a street art tour in the artsy Marais district, took a lap around the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, stood in line for 20 minutes for one of the best crepes in the city (so worth it… mouth literally watering in nostalgia as I type this)…Jardin du LuxembourgWhen it comes to Paris, I can’t really express my feelings without sounding like a nerdy teenager with a huge crush. I’m essentially just Owen Wilson’s character in Midnight in Paris, except that I don’t like walking around in the rain at night and I never would have let Marion Cotillard get away (Get your crap together, Owen).

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