Snapshots from The Cliffs of Moher

by Jackie D on September 12, 2014

cliffs of moher

I’m still going through my photos from my trip to Ireland this past May. I am awful at deleting photos (never been great with good-byes) so editing these 300 or so images is probably going to take me a while.

I saw the Cliffs of Moher twice when I was in Ireland — you’ll be able to tell these two trips apart in the photos because the first trip involved a wind and rain storm while the second trip was pretty much your quintessential sunny summer day.

The first time, my friends and I rented a car for the occasion. I didn’t care much about seeing the Cliffs on that particular day as I knew I would be heading back to the Cliffs later as part of my upcoming work trip, but my friend Amanda had her heart set on going, and we all wanted to get out of the city. When we missed our bus that morning, we decided to see how much a rental car would cost us — and it turned out to be only slightly more than a bus ticket.

The drive to the Cliffs was one of the most beautiful drives of my life. It rained every 20 minutes or so, but the thing about the Irish landscape is that it’s beautiful in any weather — green green green and coast coast coast. There was barely anyone else on the road, so we cruised along as quickly or slowly as we liked, depending on how many pictures we wanted to take at any given moment (or how many cows were chasing us).
cliffs of moher
When we arrived, the wind and rain had both picked up and we were woefully unprepared — my umbrella didn’t survive, my usually reliable cowboy boots were soaked through, and my friend Lauren was hiding in the doorway of an ancient lookout tower taking miserable (yet hilarious) selfies.

The second time I saw the Cliffs couldn’t have been more different weather-wise: sunny, warm, no wind, views for miles into the horizon. It was the finale of our photography tour and it felt like such a majestic ending to Ireland.

We love talking about the weather whether we’re on a trip with our friends or just waiting for the subway at home and making small talk with a stranger. It dictates which clothes we’ll bring with us, which sites we’ll choose to explore, what we’ll eat (when it’s raining my meal preferences just automatically default to soup), which photos we’ll take…
cliffs of moher
Having grown up in Los Angeles, “weather” is a concept that I both love and hate equally, mostly because it is one of the only things we can’t control on a trip — no matter how many apps we have on our phones, or money we’re willing to shell out. Ireland is one of the most unpredictable countries I’ve ever visited weather-wise, and it was definitely a test in patience and creative clothing layering. I just hope my cowboy boots will forgive me someday.

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Colleen Brynn September 14, 2014 at 3:11 pm

You are just the cutest. Love your little tuque.


Valorie September 18, 2014 at 3:13 pm

The Cliffs of Moher are one of my favorite places on earth. I mean, THE VIEW. I could live there are never get tired of it, I think.
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