Snapshots from The Garden of the Gods

by Jackie D on September 4, 2014

garden of the gods
As soon as I heard the name of this place I knew I wanted to go. Whenever I hear of a place with a fun or unusual name (California is full of them: Paradise, Cool, Likely, Bummerville) – I wonder why we don’t name everything in such a fun way. Garden of the Gods sounds like it should have its own movie trailer, preferably something starring Vin Diesel.*

Anyway, this place lived up to its name.  The red-orange rocks with the mountain backdrop satisfied two cravings I’ve felt recently: the need for desert and the need for forest. I kept running around going, “THIS IS NATURE!” while my less-impressed companion humored me, for the most part, and groups of tourists made weird poses in front of that balancing rock.
garden of the gods
garden of the gods
garden of the gods
garden of the gods
garden of the godsColorado Springs in general was kind of strange – more on that later – but the Garden of the Gods and landscape as a whole were so beautiful and such a nice escape from the insane hustle I’ve been feeling in New York City lately.

*The phrase “preferably something starring Vin Diesel” can be added to the end of almost any sentence about movies, I think.


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