weekend trip to wisconsin

Books: Blue Nights

by Jackie D on June 3, 2012

Blue Nights
By Joan Didion

“We toasted Gerry and Quintana at St. John the Divine and a few hours later, in their absence, at a Chinese restaurant on West Sixty-Fifth Street with my brother and his family, we toasted Gerry and Quintana again. We wished them happiness, we wished them health, we wished them love and luck and beautiful children. On that wedding day, July 26, 2003, we could see no reason to think that such ordinary blessings would not come their way.

Do notice: we still counted happiness and health and love and luck and beautiful children as ‘ordinary blessings.’ ”

*pictures taken during a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast outside Madison, Wisconsin, in summer 2011. You can view more of my pictures from that weekend here, and after that you can read more about our experience being the only young people  (and, at times, the only sober guests) in this article for Vagabundo Magazine.

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