The Weekly 7: January 3 (New Years Resolutions Edition)

by Jackie D on January 3, 2016

IMG_8067 copyThe Weekly 7 is usually a list of great things I found around the Internet or in real life during the week. I publish it on Sunday mornings or evenings because it goes nicely with coffee in bed or a hangover on the floor.

Rather than making specific¬†New Years Resolutions each year, I generally pick one sentiment for the year and stick to it. But there are a few specific things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year in addition to my sentiment (which I am keeping a secret for now, because I’m sure everyone cares?):

  1. Take more photos.
  2. Improve photography skills as I take more photos.
  3. Go to Japan!
  4. Finish writing the draft of the book I’ve started because fuck it, let’s write a book this year guys.
  5. Use writing as an excuse to have solo “writing retreats,” aka weekends spent at exotic hotels who happen to be having great deals (above photo is from my first such trip of this year at the Madonna Inn in California)
  6. Save a specific amount of money that I will not disclose here.
  7. Keep up my one sentiment from last year: to give fewer fucks. Who’s with me?

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