Three Weeks in Los Angeles

by Jackie D on January 21, 2016

madonna innSo last week I came back from almost THREE weeks at home in Los Angeles. I was on vacation from December 22 through January 3 — a glorious 13 days of reading, writing, road trips, holidays, all of the food ever produced, donuts, old friends, good bars, tea with my grandma! –and then I worked from home from January 4 – 8. I think it’s the longest vacation I’ve taken from a job since…ever.

12546323_10104142429624653_723892049_o12562552_10104142429759383_387632681_o12557649_10104142429699503_274825285_oAs you can see from the photos, it was an insane two weeks full of a lot of different but equally fun things. There was Christmas, of course; high tea with my sister and Grandma at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills (this was our Christmas present to our grandma); a day trip to Salvation Mountain and then a day trip to Madonna Inn (each of these trips was three hours of driving each way); a morning at the newly revamped Peterson Auto Museum with my dad and sister, followed by an afternoon at Lacma to see Rain Room with an old friend; a trip out to Burbank to see my college friends for a night of bowling and then going to sleep early because we are old; a night of beer drinking and reminiscing about poor college choices with my two best guy friends from college; and the most marvelous event of all: the wedding of one of my best friends from childhood!

12562609_10104142429879143_1664288591_o12620826_10104142429814273_947747754_oI think I probably tried to fit in too much and ended up exhausting myself, because literally within 10 hours of landing back in New York, I came down with a really bad stomach flu and was out of work for two days. Jackie travels!

Now that I’m back, I’ve been meeting up with New York friends, catching up on a lot of work, reading The Bell Jar for the first time (obsessed), returning some very overdue library books, hanging up a shelf that is longer than I am tall, and planning my next getaways for 2016 (Mexico City, I’m coming for you).

Also, apparently a snow storm is supposed to hit tomorrow or something? I’m preparing by making all of the soup.

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