Past Adventures, in Chronological Order:

jackie travelsFrance
July 2005
Student Ambassadorjackie travelsMexico
January 2006
Volunteerjackie travelsItaly
Vatican City (it counts)
Summer 2007
Fancy Tour Group Memberjackie travelsFrench Riviera
Monaco (also counts)
Summer 2009
Art History Studentjackie travelsBelgium
The Netherlands
Summer 2009
Lone Female Travelerjackie travelsGermany, Czech Republic, Austria again, Slovakia, & Hungary
Summer 2010

Northern France
Summer 2010
Intruder on Boyf’s Family’s Vacationjackie travelsScotland
Fall 2010
Travel Writing Internjackie travelsThe USA: Los Angeles to Chicago
Winter 2011
Road Tripper, Blizzard SurvivorP1020102Portugal & Spain & Gibraltar
January 2012
Instagrammerjackie travelsIsrael
September 2012
Freelance Writer jackie travelsThe USA: New Orleans, Savannah, and Washington D.C.
October 2012
Masochist (20+ hour train and bus rides. Why.)

jackie travelsMexico
November 2012
Yoga Retreaterjackie travelsMexico, Guatemala, & Nicaragua
January 2013
Stomach Parasite Victim / Expert Snorkelerjackie travelsToronto, Canada
June 2013
Travel Blogging Conferencer jackie travelsNorthern California
April 2013 – May 2014
Photo tour participant/camper/wedding attendeejackie travelsIreland
May 2014
Wedding attendee/road trip driver/photo tour leadergarden of the godsColorado Springs
September 2014
Worshipper at Garden of the Godsjackie travelsMontreal/Toronto
November 2014
Business tripperjackie travels22 European Cities in 10 Days
January 2015
Yikesjackie travelsProvence, France
July 2015
Lavendererjackie travelsMiami Beach, USA
December 2015
Asleep by 10pmjackie travelsMontreal
February 2016
Writerjackie travelsParis
March – May 2016
Living the dream (for my job)jackie travelsFez, Morocco
March 2016
Hotel enthusiastjackie travelsNorthern Ireland
April 2016
Re-living high school days

Left the love of my life behind (NyQuil) and am now living permanently in Paris.

Next up:
Switzerland, Amsterdam, Tokyo.

Dream trips:
Tokyo & Kyoto (booked for 2017!)
Australia by campervan
India by Rickshaw Run
Summer Olympic Games anywhere
Sailing the Greek Islands