Women’s March on Paris

J DesForges Paris Womens March 5And I’m back. I had planned to come back to blogging around mid-November, after Hillary had won and we never had to hear from Trump ever again.


Thank God for Paris. I moved here permanently just five days after the election, which at first seemed abrupt and too soon — the election had knocked the wind out of me, and I didn’t think I had the energy or optimism or anything else you need when you’re moving to an entirely new country. But moving to France — and everything that comes along with that (mostly hours and hours and hours of paperwork) — has kept me moving forward.

When my plane landed in Paris on Monday morning, just under a week after Election Day, I had to go straight into to work in my new office. And I had to go to work the day after that. And the day after that. And I had to find an apartment, and feed myself, and make sure my coat was warm enough for winter, and open my French bank account.

Thank God for these things: first, for keeping me busy, and second, because they constantly  remind me to be grateful for what I have. I’ve found that gratitude is one of the only things that can calm me down in almost any situation — when I am most furious about everything that has happened before, during, and since the election, I try to focus on something or someone I am grateful for. Lately, it’s the fact that I have a safe place to come home to every night, and a good job that I want to wake up for every morning. I focus on these things as hard as I can, as often as I can.

And the Women’s March last weekend really, really helped. Not only to be around women who are similar to me and feel the same way I do, but to be around women who are completely different from me and have this whole other list of problems I may never need to worry about, if I’m lucky. Women who come from the same place I do (a few Californians out there with me!) and women who come from cities I’ve never heard of. The March was just one event to start off so many other things that need to happen, but I think it gave a lot of us that momentum to keep going. There is so much more to do, which is overwhelming, but there are so many of us out there wanting to get it done, which is comforting.

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(I’m hopefully back to a normal posting schedule about life in Paris from here on out, with intermittent updates about the actions I’ll be taking, big and small, to fight against our piece of shit President and his equally piece of shit cabinet)